In 1935, a total of 4616 C-1 Airflow Sedans were built, and were available in 4 different wheel bases C-1, C-2, C-3, and CW. 1935 Chrysler C-1 specifications:Wheelbase: 122”Length: 207” Engine: 323.5 cu in, straight 8Max HP: 115 @ 3400 RPM Tire Size: 7.00 x 16Fuel Capacity: 21 galWeight: 4090lb. Came from a small town in Western Nebraska Old guy was 90 years old- Well cared for-Very Innovative for it's time-Designed after the Train cars of that Era-Many Cool Features-Has been driven all over the country-Just saw one go thru Mecum for $50,000. this is a Bargain.Best Offer.Was owned by a 91 year old man from Sidney Nebraska. The History Channel Special says this was the most important car of the 30"s- Changed the design of the automobile industry. Very Rare and most Significant. A 1936 Airflow just sold last weekend at Amelia Island Auction for over $100,000- This 1935 is a steal.Best offer.$35,000 or ?
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