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1969 SHELBY GT350

From 1965 to 1970, though the characteristics of the cars themselves might have changed drastically, one thing remained constant for Shelby Mustangs. The cars were damn cool in every variety and flavor in which they were produced. Without doubt, one of the most compelling years of all Shelby Mustang production were those of 1969 and 1970. With the introduction of an all fiberglass front end, the styling of the 69/70 model year cars was right up there with the styling achievements of the 1965 and 1967 Shelby Mustangs! When considering the purchase of a 1969/70 model year Shelby, it is important to consider the original spec in which the car was built and also consider how rare or common a particular example was/is. For 1969 and 1970, total production for the year totaled 3,153 units. Of those cars, the production totals divided out into 1,534 GT500 fastbacks, 935 GT350 fastbacks, 335 GT500 convertibles, and just a minuscule 194 GT350 convertibles. The car offered here is a wonderful example of the rarest form of 1969 Shelby…a GT350 convertible, and the rarity factor only grows in intrigue from there. Aside from being a small block convertible from 1969, serial number 9F03M480628 was originally ordered with a manual transmission (the VAST majority of 69-70 GT350 and GT500 convertibles were automatics) and was also ordered with the ultra desirable factory air conditioning option. Today, factory 4 speed/air GT350 Convertibles are regarded among the most desirable of all Shelby Mustangs, not only for their extreme rarity, but also for the fact that they are perhaps the most well balanced “all-around” car of the entire run of Shelby Mustangs from 1965 to 1970. Though the big block GT500s are great cars, they did tend to suffer from overheating issues, service-ability issues, and a front-heavy nature while maneuvering. What the big blocks loose in driving comfort, usability, and practicality they do gain back in the eye appeal of that big block sitting under the hood. Few would argue, however, with the fact that a GT350 is a far more livable, drive-able, reliable, and more balanced car from a driving perspective. As for the specific car at hand, #628 was an early production example which was originally delivered new to one of the most storied and highly regarded Shelby dealerships in the country- Gotham Ford of New York. The car was originally spec’d, as stated before, as a GT350 convertible with factory 4 speed and air conditioning but was also optioned with tilt-a-way steering wheel and AM/FM radio. Further, the car was produced in the always popular color combination of red over black interior with a white power top. Though delivered to an East Coast dealer, the nice thing about #628 is that it seemed to escape the fate of most all East Coast Mustangs, having never suffered from severe rust issues. In fact, by the late 1980s, the car was acquired, still wearing its original paint, by well known Shelby collector Gary McVay who commissioned one of the most well known Shelby Mustang shops in the country to perform a complete restoration. As a testament to the quality of the work done, this restoration still shows remarkably well to this day. As #628 sits today, it retains its original factory supplied drivetrain and the entirety of its original Shelby fiberglass. This particular 1969 GT350 convertible would make for an outstanding addition to any large collection of Shelby Mustangs but would also make for a great choice for the enthusiast who wants to have one car which ticks nearly every conceivable box that a Shelby guy could want- be it rarity, style, color/options, or overall usability.

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