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1969 Plymouth Road Runner Hardtop For Sale

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Classic Auto Mall
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Exterior Color Black Velvet
Stock # 5221
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J.J. Best Banc & Co.

1969 Plymouth Road Runner Hardtop


1969 Plymouth Road Runner Hardtop

As you may or may not know, Plymouth didn't name their stripped-down muscle car after any Road Runner. They named it after THE Road Runner - the cartoon character created by Warner Bros. What you probably don't know is that Plymouth paid Warner Bros. $50,000 for the rights to the name. An astronomical sum, which would buy you approximately 16 and a half Road Runners in 1968. Remember the "beep-beep" sound that the cartoon Road Runner made when he sped past Wile E. Coyote? When Plymouth purchased the rights to the name from Warner Bros., they made sure that the sound was part of the package. All Road Runners were equipped with a special horn that allowed you to do the same sound as you sped past the Mustangs and the Camaros.

For consignment and right out the Mopar camp, a beautiful 1969 tuxedo dressed Road Runner, restored to original shape about 15 years ago. It sports all original metal with no patches. It is all numbers matching and has rare chrome rocker and wheel well trimmings. The black exterior paint and white interior is a rare combination of this Road Runner year as only 3 are listed in the Mopar registry as such. Affectionately known as "Mr. Roadrunner" by our consignor, and with his collection growing, its time to pass this piece of Mopar muscle on to the next care taker. Will that lucky person be you?

Sporting all original rust free and patch free steel, it leads off with the requisite N96 air grabber hood. This tops an undulating front grille with edge mounted dual headlights and a horizontal grille with a shiny bumper below. Bullet turn signal lights are atop each front quarter and the car has white painted on pinstriping on its upper side edge. Rarely optioned wheel well trim and chromed rocker trimmings are on. All paint in Black Velvet, just the way the factory made it, and is retaining its shine. The gaps are well minded and other trimmings are all excellent and pitting free. A nice spacious trunk is on the back and some angled tail lights are on each corner of the rear with another shiny bumper below. Dual exhaust is peeking out from underneath the rear roll pan. Chrome Magnum 500 15-inch wheels are wrapped in front by 225/60R15's and on back with 295/50R15's from the 36th week of 2014. All fit and finishes are excellent.

A swing of the muscle car's doors reveals what vinyl inserts with chrome edge trimming and white painted metal for the uppers and lowers. A shiny actuator is on the edge of the armrest, along with a nicely preserved crank for the glass. Inside we see full bench seats also covered in pristine white vinyl. These have tuck and roll inserts, with smooth bolsters in the edges. The front is a split backed version for easier access to the rear bench. These benches float on a sea of clean black carpeting. In front the factory dash in black has a horizontal rectangular cluster of gauges and the "fratzog" centered steering wheel with road runner cartoon badge in the center. The dash is very clean and all original with no aftermarket add ons to muss it up which is unusual for these cars. Above is a tight charcoal colored headliner. Black seat belts are installed throughout this muscle car. A shout out to the trunk which sports a like new mat and factory spare and jack.

Under the air grabber hood is an orange "Coyote Duster" air cleaner covering that fits into the hood opening. An orange block and orange valve coverings are seen with nice supple black hoses and wires. These are all attached to the factory numbers matching 383ci V8. Below the air cleaner is a 4-barrel carburetor also factory and on back is a numbers matching A727 Torqueflite 3-speed automatic. Nice clean rust free manifolds melt into a Flowmaster exhaust that leads to the back of the car for its exit. Amazingly no corrosion or even surface rust is seen anywhere near this engine or bay.

Not to be outdone by the topside, the undercarriage is all restored and looking showroom. No drips, no rust, just solid black framing, floorboards and suspension which includes independent torsion bars for the front and leaf springs for the rear. Drum braking is on all 4 corners.. Just lovely underneath this muscle car.

My crack decoder and muscle car aficionado test drove this car as he can truly appreciate this kind of car and he did. He returned with a smile on his face and reported all was working just great, and all is also clean as a whistle. No complaints on this front.

A beautiful piece of history sure to increase in value over the upcoming years, fully restored and in a rare color/interior combo. All perfectly appearing and mechanically sound turn the key and lay some rubber...Beep! Beep! See ya!


R-Plymouth Satellite/Belvedere
M-Medium Price Class/Roadrunner
23-2 Door Hardtop
H-383ci V8 4bbl
A-Lynch Rd, MI Assy Plant
158025-Sequential Unit Number


09127-Gate #
163509-Line Sequence
9A158025-1969, Lynch Road, VIN Sequence
926-383ci V8 4bbl 335hp, Auto
595-3.55 Sure Grip
093-A727 Torqueflite
6W-White Longitudinal Sport Stripes
N96-Fresh Air Hood
X9-Black Velvet
X9-Black Velvet
H2W-High Grade White Vinyl Bench
W1-White Door Frames
RM23-Roadrunner 2 Door Hardtop
E63-383ci V8 4bbl 335hp
D32-HP A727 Automatic
A29-October 29th Build Date
146040-Vehicle Order Number

Classic Auto Mall is a 336,000-square foot classic and special interest automobile showroom, featuring over 850 vehicles for sale with showroom space for up to 1,000 vehicles. Also, a 400 vehicle barn find collection is on display. This vehicle is located in our showroom in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, conveniently located just 1-hour west of Philadelphia on the I-76 Pennsylvania Turnpike. The website is and our phone number is (888) 227-0914. Please contact us anytime for more information or to come see the vehicle in person.

· Color: Black Velvet
Price: $75,000.
Exterior Color Black Velvet
Stock # 5221
Estimated Monthly Payment
$1,305 mo Apply Now
J.J. Best Banc & Co.
Classic Auto Mall
I would like to:
Classic Auto Mall
Call 888-227-0914
Mention when you call.

Price: $75,000.
Classic Auto Mall
Call 888-227-0914
Mention when you call.

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