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Exterior Color Malibu Blue
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1954 Buick Skylark


The Buick Roadmaster Skylark was produced only in 1953 and 1954. With just 836 produced for 1954, and 1,690 for 1953, a total of only 2,526 of these rare birds were ever built. Lots of extra work went into building this car, with parts from other Buick models being modified to create the unique Skylark. Because this was an expensive car when new, they were held onto longer than many cars normally would've been and finding a beautifully restored example in this day and age is still possible. What is uncommon is finding an example like this blue 1954; this car is totally unrestored and as original as they come! A true survivor, this Skylark is the perfect centerpiece for any GM collection.

With any good survivor should come valuable provenance. To start, this Buick has all correct manuals in near-mint condition; even the instructions for operating the convertible top! It just keeps getting better from here though. This is a real-deal un-restored survivor, having had just three owners since new. The mileage of 85,200 is believed to be accurate. The original owner passed away in the late 1980s, a local woman in the area who remembered the Skylark tracked down his widow. This woman had remembered seeing the car around over the years, and wondered what had become of it. After purchasing the car from the widow of the original owner, she got it roadworthy again after removing it from where it had been stored for a long time. The new owner's family even went so far as to contact the dealership that sold it new in Oregon, and made contact with a longtime salesman who remembered the car being delivered new! There are many memories from different periods in time from folks that remember seeing this blue beauty around. The current owner purchased this car from the second owner around 10 years ago.

The stories surrounding this car are wonderful, but there attributes about the car itself that support claims about the condition. To start, you can imagine our shock when we found the original build sheet still under the passenger side dash. Additionally, the seats, top, and paint are all original. This car has never been fully repainted, nor has it ever had the interior fully replaced. The driver's seat was sewn back together previously when it began to come apart, but no material was replaced and the seats have not been recovered. An upholstery specialist confirmed the top to be original, noting that it is made of the correct materials for the time period and that those materials are not available any longer. For an unrestored 65-year-old car, the interior and convertible top are in amazing condition. Even the original trunk mat is both in place and intact! To top it off, there is an oil change sticker from the early 1960s on the driver's door that is still legible (from when the car had just 24,000 miles on it!).

Given the exterior is showcasing 65-year-old original paint, it is in surprisingly good shape. However, it's still an unrestored car, so you have decades of use that do bring with it some chips, fading, and general wear and tear. For being original, the paint is in amazing condition and really adds to the visual history of the car. The color is called ""Malibu Blue,"" and it still looks great on this Skylark even after all these years. Taking into consideration the age and originality of this car, all of the chrome and other brightwork is in remarkable condition. All five Kelsey Hayes original wheels are with this car, and are in excellent original condition. Every inch of this car tells a story!

The drivetrain is believed to be all of the original items, including the 322 Nailhead V8 and 2-speed Dynaflow automatic transmission. This Buick has been properly maintained, and is in fully functional condition. The only non-original items you will find on this car are maintenance items that would need to be changed due to age or use, such as spark plugs and wires, pumps, brake components, and fluids. This car drives just like an Art-Deco Buick should, and there's simply something different about driving an original, unrestored car!

For any discerning Buick enthusiast or post-war car enthusiast, this Skylark is a must-have. This may very well be the most well-preserved, most original example in existence. Talk about a rare example of a rare car! This Buick always seems to have a long stay with its owners, so be sure not to miss this chance to own a truly unique piece of automotive history.

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Air Conditioning N/A
Heater YES
Speedometer YES
Oil PSI Gauge YES
Temperature Gauge YES
Fuel Gauge YES
Tachometer N/A
Wipers YES
Horn YES
Radio NO
Headlights YES
Tail Lights YES
Brake Lights YES
Reverse Lights YES
Turn Signals YES
Emergency Brake YES
Keys " Door, Ignition & Trunk YES
Runs & Drives YES

· Color: Malibu Blue
Price: $99,995.
Exterior Color Malibu Blue
Stock # 2294
Estimated Monthly Payment
$1,740 mo Apply Now
J.J. Best Banc & Co.
Shelton Classics & Performance
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Shelton Classics & Performance
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Price: $99,995.
Shelton Classics & Performance
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