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MORE THAN JUST A CAR AUCTION: Exquisite Artwork at Scottsdale

Written by Chris Summers   Visitors to Barrett-Jackson will find more than just fantastic cars to gaze at! The Exhibitor Marketplace is a shopper's paradise with more than 200 exhibitors, including Machine Age Lamps , which produced wonderful functional Steampunk lighting pieces using salvaged antique industrial and automotive components.   The roster of automotive art, sculpture and fine furnishings available at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2019 is truly peerless, as world-renowned artists present their best work for the discerning and diverse audience drawn by this landmark event. While many of the artists choose automobiles as a focus, others simply work in the realm of imaginative use of mechanical found components, repurposing them into spectacular sculpture and furniture. Transcending mere automotive art, they are true masters of their craft and produce pieces that can be admired by enthusiasts and non-car people alike. Photographer Nancy Weezy Forman prides herself in wandering off the beaten track to discover her automotive subjects. Al DiMauros paintings are dedicated to telling the timeless story of the intimate relationship between man and machine, in all their forms, as experienced by a lifelong automotive enthusiast. DiMauro captures on canvas his own stories from a lifetime spent as an artist attending car shows, discovering great barn finds and performing their resurrections, and racing great cars, with evocative use of color and shading. The results are nearly photographic in their level of fine detail and spectacular to behold, earning DiMauros work pride of place in museums and private collections all over the world. The art of the automotive painter is the inspiration for Alison Simmons remarkable works, also captured in paint of a different sort. Based in Missouri along Old Route 66, Simmons focuses on a cars finish and how it falls over the curves of the body, with broad, bold brushstrokes capturing reflections of light, color, and chrome in surprisingly intricate detail. Her works draw the eye along a cars fenders and hood, emphasizing the shape of various body and trim components, and how they work together to form a cohesive whole. In this way, Simmons truly captures an automotive designs best qualities on canvas. Automotive art of a different medium is the subject of photographer Nancy Weezy Forman , who prides herself in literally wandering off the beaten track to discover her subjects, parked behind fences in fields of weeds or mud. Each automobile she finds has its own distinctive personality, created by a melding of industry and nature through which Forman spins, in her words, stories through the viewfinder. She is also an outstanding nature photographer; produces Weezwear, a line of scarves featuring her images printed on silk chiffon or poly silk; and prides herself in interior design skills, enabling her to assist clients in choosing exactly the right work to fit their space. An example of the fine metal art from Adam Homan Metal Sculpture . The art on offer is not strictly automotive-related. Inspired by the age-old craft of modeling, Adam Homan of Adam Homan Metal Sculpture creates his sculptures through meditation, letting his own energy guide his hand. His works largely from mild steel, forming a skeleton or armature that is then filled in with found objects, ranging from motorcycle gears, chains, auto transmissions, old typewriters and cash registers, and other machines willing to give of themselves for his art. Body accents are of cold-rolled sheet steel forming hair, armor and other major details, with copper, aluminum and stainless for fine details. A painstaking level of detail and finish includes careful polishing and cleaning of each piece to avoid oxidation, with an outer clearcoat or powder coating. Fluorescent fiber optics, activated by ambient light, add the finishing touch to Homans works, which have a spirit and character that only an inner force can bring to life. Machine Age Lamps produces wonderful functional Steampunk lighting pieces that evoke an alternate history, in which Victorian scientists made incredible breakthroughs solely through the power of steam. They combine salvaged antique industrial components such as pipes, gauges, and automotive components such as headlights and radiator shells, with Edison light bulbs and a high standard of fit and finish, including modern electrical components. The result is a mad scientist feel that is perfect for the shop, garage or man cave, with each piece a surefire conversation-starter for the neighborhood shade-tree mechanics. Yet their raw power also has a brutal elegance about it, well-suited to the finest living room. The lamps are perfect counterpoints to the furniture of Banyan Tree Fabworks , which creates tables from vintage machine bases, ranging from bulldozer track chains to antique lathes, crowned with beautiful handmade glass or wood surfaces. Many of the machine components have their own provenance and history, with the date and location of manufacture and/or use known, adding to the magical story of the finished piece. Limited-edition, large-scale photography is also offered as a counterpoint to the benches, tables and wine bars created by these highly skilled artisans. 16-year-old Anthony Donno of Chandler, Arizona, is making a name for himself in the automotive art field with his custom benches. Finally, lest anyone consider this an old mans hobby, 16-year-old Anthony Donno ofChandler, Arizona,stands to correct them. While Donno will not be present at the Scottsdale Auction itself, his ADD Designz is well worth checking out while you are spending time in the Valley of the Sun. He is rapidly making a name for himself in the automotive art field with his custom benches crafted from automotive parts, typically using authentic parts such as a tailgate for the backrest, a wooden seat, legs crafted from suspension components, and on every creation its own license plate. Excellent craftsmanship and artful pinstriping combines with such optional touches as functional taillights and a Bluetooth-capable stereo to create genuinely one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, the ideal trophy to grace ones garage or den. What unites each of these artists and their work is the pieces ability to transcend interests; they are masterful pieces by any standard, sure to be appreciated by everyone in their new owners circle of family and friends. They are the ultimate souvenirs of a visit to the Valley of the Sun this January. Tickets are still available to Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale, with the Exhibitor Marketplace open every day from 8 a.m. until close.


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